We provide haulage service both for loading and unloading our clients’ semi-trailers, containers or tanks. We are specialized in the various types of freight traffic, this is essential to be able to offer a quality service incident-free. Each type of merchandise has its peculiarities and requires the use of different equipment for loading or unloading. Our drivers receive specific training depending on the type of transportation they are assigned to and are perfectly familiar with the specifications of both the merchandise and the equipment they use.

Main geographic areas:

Barcelona: : we carry out daily collections and deliveries at the Grimaldi, Teco Morrot, Teco Granollers, TCB, Best terminals and we carry out short and long distance services.

Valencia: we carry out daily collections and deliveries at the Grimaldi Sagunto and Valencia terminals and we carry out short and long distance services.

Francia: daily presence at the Perpignan Saint Charles and Le bolou Ambrogio terminals.




Specialized in the transport of both ADR and non-ADR chemical products in tanks and tank containers.

Solid bulk

descarga azucar-graneles solidos

Specialized in unloading of sugar both with a container using roto-valve, compressor and tilting as well as with tank trucks. We also carry out bulk loads in maritime containers with liners.


descarga de lodo-residuos

We are registered with the Catalan Waste Agency as carriers of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Specialized in loading carbon black and unloading mud with a tipper and ash with a compressor.

Palletized merchandise

mercancia paletizada

Any type of palletized merchandise. Our professionals know how important it is for our clients that the goods arrive in perfect condition at their destination. The drivers receives exact instructions to secure the merchandise inside the vehicle and the client is fully informed from the moment the vehicle is hooked up until it is returned empty or loaded to the maritime or rail terminal.

Large Tonnage Cargo

mercancia de gran tonelaje

Specialized in transporting marble and steel coils in portacoil trailers.

Traction of Trailers and Containers

traccion de remolques y contenedores2

From and to the main maritime and railway ports throughout Spain. In Spain we have a daily presence in the maritime ports of Barcelona and Valencia and in the railway ports of Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Madrid, Seville and Perpignan.

Intermodal Transport


In combination with the ship or the train. Our specialty is import-export between Italy and Spain. For this we have a wide network of collaborators in the main railway and maritime stations of both countries.



Our mechanics are available to our clients to provide solutions to possible unforeseen damages that might prevent the loading or unloading. At our Molins de Rei facilities we have all the necessary tools and machinery to carry out quick mechanical interventions, offering effective solutions so that the vehicle can complete the service. Our trusted suppliers supply us with the parts we need every day.


In Molins de Rei, Carrer Francesc Layret nº 8 has 7,000 meters of lit yard with an anti-intrusion alarm system and surveillance cameras where you can reserve a space for any type of vehicle and also for a container deposit.


In Ribarroja del Turia we have an industrial warehouse with two loading docks and a capacity of 1,000 square meters for the storage of goods.


For those clients who are not familiar with Spanish regulations or who need any type of specialized advice, we have an exquisite network of professional collaborators who advise and guide us in the development of our services.


For the translation of any type of document from Italian to Spanish and vice versa, Claudia Praderio has obtained the title of sworn translator granted by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also has a network of external collaborators to carry out this type of work.


• Polígono el Pla de Molins de Rei (Barcelona), Carrer Francesc Layret nº 8 We have 7,000 meters of guarded yard suitable for parking vehicles where our main operational headquarters are located. It is a strategic enclave between the Port of Barcelona and the access to the AP7 motorway that connects the entire Mediterranean coast.

“Sector Thirteen” Industrial Estate, Ribarroja del Turia (Valencia), Calle Coeters corner Avda dels Fusters warehouse nº 6,. We have 1,000 meters of industrial warehouse with docks for the storage of merchandise.